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revelry n : unrestrained merrymaking [syn: revel]

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Revelry is the second full-length album by the Norwegian band Beyond Dawn released under Misanthropy Records in 1998. Although the style of this album is predominantly doom metal, the trombone is nevertheless prevalent throughout, hinting at a progressive metal sound at times.

Track listing

  1. Love's (Only) True Defender (music: Ingierd; lyrics: Gjedrem) - 3:22
  2. Tender (music: Gjedrem/Ingierd/Haavik; lyrics: Gjedrem) - 4:10
  3. Resemblance (music: Haavik; lyrics: Ingierd) - 4:49
  4. (music and lyrics: Ingierd) - 7:54
  5. Three Steps for the Chameleon (How to Seduce Modesty) (music: Haavik/Gjedrem; lyrics: Gjedrem) - 4:42
  6. I am a Drug (music: Haavik; lyrics: Ingierd) - 5:49
  7. Breathe the Jackal (music: Haavik; lyrics: Gjedrem) - 4:44
  8. Life's Sweetest Reward (music and lyrics: Ingierd) - 5:09
  9. Chains (music: Gjedrem/Ingierd/Haavik; lyrics: Gjedrem) - 3:48
  10. Phase to Phase (music: Ingierd; lyrics: Sjursø) - 8:14


  • Tore Gjedrem : Bass, backing vocals
  • Petter Haavik : Electric guitars, samples, programming
  • Espen Ingierd : Vocals, electric guitars, programming
  • Einar Sjursø (Virus, Ved Buens Ende) : Drums


  • Arnt Martin Brynildsen : Trombone
  • Tarjei E. Kragh : Additional samples and programming
  • Naaki Kita : Violence on Tender
  • Kate Havnevik : Additional vocals on Three Steps for the Chameleon

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